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Match-Maker Database
using Dual Cosmodynes

NOTICE - June 28, 2022: Back up and running.

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I am intrigued by relationships and how and why they work - or don't work. Too many people get "stuck" in bad relationships because they mistake sex for love, or excitement for compatibility, or are just plain infatuated. If you are single and uncommitted and not in a current relationship, then I invite you to join my Match-Maker Database, which astrologically matches people up using a technique called "dual cosmodynes", which determines the astrological harmony or discord between two people of the opposite sex.

Sign up first, then enter your birth data into my match-making database. After your account is enabled, the system will automatically start calculating (every three minutes) your dual cosmodynes with each and every member of the opposite sex in the database who lives on the same continent as you and generate POWER and HARMONY totals for you and each of those people. You may then see a listing of all the results (results are sorted by highest harmony). What you want to look for is high HARMONY totals (I would consider those people with whom you are +45 or greater harmony as potential compatible individuals. The database will NEVER send you any e-mails telling you of your matches - you are expected to return to the Match-Maker website and log in to view your matches. Then it is up to each of you to make contact with the other, if you choose to.

Here are a few simple guidelines:

* You must supply an e-mail address so that people can contact you (else why be part of this?). Your e-mail address will only be displayed on the website so that your matches may contact you if they are interested. People with whom you do not match will not see any data for other people in the database. No e-mail addresses will be sold or given to anyone else without your permission (NOTE: If you submit your name and birth data to the Match-Maker Database, you ARE giving your permission to be contacted by others in the database if they choose to).

* You may download and install almost any of my programs and thus gain the ability to generate dual cosmodynes right from your desktop. I recommend Astro123 because it also creates natal charts and reports plus synastry reports.

* All users, whether they were members of the prior database or not, must register anew for access to the current database.

* Please don't trash the database with silly or multiple identical entries. Give everyone a break.

* Please don't sell any reports found here.

* Ideas and suggestions are welcome.

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Match-making Database Sign-Up Form or Log In

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last updated - 26 June 2022

Allen Edwall

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