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Match-Maker Database
using Dual Cosmodynes


* June 28, 2022:

Up and running again. HarmoniousPartners.com is no longer in operation.

* June 21, 2020:

This feature must be shut down. For unknown reasons (at the time) the hosted server astrowin.org runs on is no longer able to run the cron job that does all the calculations. There are over 20,000 calculation sets that need to be done and this would require about 5.5 server hours to complete. A hosted server just cannot handle this load. Thank you all.

* June 9, 2014:

On February 21, 2014, I was forced to make changes to my website because of a server upgrade to PHP version 5.4. I made those changes and thought everything was okay. But I was informed today that since that time those people who have signed up since that time have never had their dual cosmodyne harmony scores calculated. This has now been fixed. I am sorry for the error.

* November 16, 2009:

I see that there were some things that were messed up since my web host did a server upgrade several weeks ago. First, couples' dual cosmodyne scores were not being calculated and second, some people couldn't see their synastry reports with another. I think everything is back to normal now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

* August 5, 2009:

I have re-opened the AstroWin Match-Maker Database. No one will be receiving e-mails with their matches. Instead, you will have to come to this website and log in to view your matches.

* April 30, 2009:

I have changed the age filter multiplier from 0.80 to 0.50 (see below) as per a user's request. Let's see if we get any comments or complaints. This means more matches with those of greater age difference.

* May 29, 2006:

Oftentimes people submit their birth data to the database and they have the wrong time zone. I correct these errors, but I do not have time to write back to everyone and tell them about this. So I urge everyone to check back and review their data - and also the calculations, as double-checking is always a good idea.

* April 13, 2006:

I added code that excludes the Ascendant from the dual cosmodyne calculations if one or both members has given a time of exactly 12:00 (which is understood to indicate an unknown birth time, hence an Ascendant calculated for 12:00 would be inaccurate and meaningless). If anyone was born exactly at 12:00 for sure, then that person should enter a birth time of either 11:59 or 12:01. 12:00 is reserved only for those who do not know their exact birth time.

* April 12, 2006:

Members have asked me if I know of any actual serious relationships that have started and developed as a result of people meeting through the Match-Maker Database. In earlier incarnations of the database there were at least three people I heard from who developed serious relationships - and I think one couple even got married. Usually people don't write and tell me anything, but if you have a story to tell, I would be happy to hear it so that others can know of the successes of this effort (I never disclose personal details, just the bottom line, not using names, of course). Thank you.

* April 8, 2006 (later):

If you decide to look at all the results you have with all the people you have been matched up with and you see a -1 in the power column and a zero in the harmony column, just realize that that is because that person has not yet been activated in the database. When a person first submits their data, I have decided to check their input before activating them. I want to keep false reports to a minimum. Many people make data input errors and being a Virgo, I must correct them before I can activate new members. You can still do a one on one comparison with another person before they are activated, but if you look at all your matches on the view_records.php page, non-active members will show up as -1 power (or 0 if they have been activated but the database has not gotten yet to their calculations) and 0 harmony.

Also, people are asking why they can't see longitudes and latitudes anymore for people they have been matched up with. Two reasons. The first is privacy. I do not want to share EVERY bit of detail with the whole world. If you want to know, ask your match. They should be entitled to determine who they want to see all the details. Second, ASK the other person. Everyone should always ask for the complete birth data and double check it and the results in case there was mistaken data input errors that were not seen. As a rule, check and double-check.

* April 8, 2006:

I have removed 770 records (couples) from the results table in the database for those couples who have too great an age difference to practically be interested in each other. Many of these entries were created in the results table BEFORE I added the age filter, and there were other entries that were created there when the age filter was more lenient. So the results table went from 2402 records to 1632 records.

As of this writing, with 1632 couples in the results database, the average harmony amongst all couples is 8.83. The average number of mutual receptions per couple is 3.51 (not sure that last number means much). 3.51 mutual receptions adds 17.55 to each harmony score. Isn't that interesting? Doesn't that mean that without mutual receptions that the average score between people would be 8.83 minus 17.55 or -8.72?? No wonder people intrinsically don't get along. Or is that using faulty logic?

Visit the statistics page if you like.

* April 7, 2006:

I have changed the age filter multiplier from 0.667 to 0.80 (see below). This means fewer matches with those of greater age difference.

* April 5, 2006:

The database is growing and I decided to add an age filter so that people of too-widely different ages will not be matched. In order to be matched age-wise the younger person must be older than 2/3 times the elder's age. Example: I was born in 1949 so I am effectively 57 years old (2006 - 1949). Multiply my age of 57 times 2/3, which gives 38. In order to be matched to someone, she must be 38 years old or older.

last updated - 29 June 2022

Allen Edwall

All programs copyrighted